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The 15 Most Promising CFOs in NYC

Get a look at some exclusive quotes these CFOs had to say about giving advice to new Chief Financial Officers. 

Congratulations to all the participants & winners!

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Heena Agrawala

CFO @ Whalar

"If it had to be one piece of advice, I'd say you should establish the right financial ecosystem while keeping the business operations at the center. 


This will result in actionable and relevant data that a CFO can then use to provide valuable insights and financial guidance to the business leaders of the organization."

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Michael Bollhardt

CFO @ The Lifetime Value Co.

"Always ask questions. Not just of your team but of all the people you interact with. Learn as much about your company as possible to ensure you have the most information possible when making decisions."

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Delphine Bernard

CFO @ Branded

"Be bold, be curious, challenge people and the business, push the bar higher, and most important be humble."

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Debra Tirado

CFO @ VillageCare

"Learn the business.  Being a CFO is so much more than being a strong accountant.  You need to understand what drives the business and how the business operates to be in the best position"

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Oz Haque

CFO @ Mosaic Insurance

"Assume the worst."

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Brian Motechin


"Remember your customers - design financial systems to enable company operations. Design financial reporting to provide financial statement users meaningful input. Start with the basics"

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Blake Nolan

CFO @ Athletic Greens

"Communicate constantly. No surprises!"

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Adelina Pepenella

CFO @ G/O Media, Inc

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Jacqueline Woo

CFO @ Acumen Fund, Inc.

"Understanding context and constraints allows for more open and constructive solution sets."

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James Housley

CFO @ Infobase Holdings

"Surround yourself with smart people"

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Tony Manuelli

CFO @ DeSimone Consulting

"Be ready for a constant of change and financial challenges supported with a well-prepared strategy. And Be ready for a constant state of change and strategy:  All things - staffing, Economy, clients, Insurance, and M&A"

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Besa Bajraktari


"Never stop learning"

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Bilal Khan

CFO @ Happify

"Be patient, listen, analyze the data and then have confidence in your decisions."

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Anthony Mangione

CFO @ The Doe Fund

"The CFO job is more than numbers, it's being able to communicate the story of the numbers clearly across all different stakeholders of the company.  To set expectations and drive the culture to higher performance is wrapped up in the communication."

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