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Anaplan vs. OneStream

FP&A software solutions have become a must-have for finance professionals in all industries, working in teams of all sizes. What used to be an expensive and complex software tool that only large corporations with 8 or 9 figures in revenue could afford, has transformed into an affordable, easy-to-use solution that just about every business can benefit from. As more and more companies experience the benefits of software automation in their reporting cycles, the market is seeing a gradual increase in demand.  Today, there are many providers offering a wide range of features, add-ons, and integrations at various price points. 


In order to make the right decision when evaluating the solution that fits best for your organizational needs, we have put together a comprehensive list of pros and cons for two of the leading FP&A software solutions in the industry, Anaplan and Onestream.

Side by Side Comparison
Excel Add In
Power BI
Quality of Support
Third Party Integrations
Anaplan Connects imports and exports data integrations from platforms such as Salesforce, Workiva, and Dell Boomi.
Provides direct integration with over 250 ERP, HCM, CRM and other systems including Oracle, SAP, Microsoft AX/Dynamics and more.
Integrating Systems
CRM, ERP, HRIS, BI, and more
CRM, ERP, HRIS, BI, and more
Small, Medium, and Large Businesses
HR+ Labor Planning
Ease of Implementation
Pricing Flexibility

Features and Functionality 


Both companies are extremely good at what they were built for- automating and consolidating financial planning through budgeting, forecasting, and connecting strategic and operational planning. OneStream has a high rating for ease of implementation and a large number of third party integrations that makes it a popular solution. However, Anaplan’s overall connected planning that connects FP&A, HR, sales, marketing and the rest of the company allows users to uncover hidden drivers and deeper financial analytics. 


Winner: Anaplan

Most Recommended









Very Good








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Built-In Solutions and Add Ins


Excel compatibility is not part of either system, but both companies offer Excel as an important add in. As far as built in solutions go, Anaplan has a combination of set workflows and ones that can be individually tailored to each organization. Onestream as well has comprehensive workflows with a high level of interactive collaboration capabilities and task managers. While both platforms have a high level of add-ins and solutions, Onestream provides a more user-friendly system and slightly lower implementation times.

Slight winner: Onestream






Onestream and Anaplan integrate with CRM, ERP, HRIS, BI, and a host of other systems. However, each one has their strong points when it comes to third party integrations. Anaplan offers a complete variety of third party integrations that combine everything- such as HR, headcount, risk, capacity & utilization to go along with the usual budgeting and forecasting functions. However, Onestream provides direct integration to over 250 ERP, HCM, CRM and other systems including Oracle, JDE, SAP, Microsoft AX/Dynamics and more.

Winner: Onestream


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OneStream: OneStream is one of the most complete CPM solutions available. The comprehensive platform encompasses all areas of financial planning but OneStream has a few highlights that stand out including an exceptionally large number of integrations, more flexible payment options, and slightly easier implementation than others. OneStream is a great option for SMBs looking to upgrade their financial planning. 

Final score: 4.6


Anaplan: Anaplan is one of the bigger and more established CPM solutions on the market. The company was founded in 2006 and boasts over 1,900 customers. Anaplan provides comprehensive workflows and a well rounded planning system that connects all of the departments throughout the entire company. Although the pricing is less flexible and implementation time slightly longer than other solutions, Anaplan is a great choice for large businesses as evidenced by the number of customers and many years of success from the company.

Final score: 4.2

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