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The 25 Most Promising CFOs in CA

Get a look at some exclusive quotes these CFOs had to say about giving advice to new Chief Financial Officers. 

Congratulations to all the participants & winners!

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Bonnie L. Forssell

CFO @ Vitamin Angels

"Always do what is right and what is best for you, your people, and your company. CFOs make difficult decisions every day. Be inclusive of your team. Be transparent in why decisions are made. If you are authentic and consistent in doing what is right and what is best, your people will trust in your leadership, your confidence will continue to grow, and ultimately, you will find success."

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Dar Fazulyanov

CFO @ Amplēo

"It's all about systems."

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Clarissa Avendano

CFO @ Gen.G esports

"Being able to tell your company's story requires more than the numbers - you have to bridge relationships across the company in order to effectively move things forward."

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Jay Dahal

CFO @ Machnet Technologies Inc.

"Mindset must be forward thinking to stay alive , become investable and growth."

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Laura R Zander

CFO @ Exploratorium

"Develop a thick skin."

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Frank Whelan

CFO @ Health Center Partners

"Take the time to build a great team and invest in them;you're only as strong as your team, and having good support in place will allow you to focus on strategic priorities."

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Marie Persichetti

CFO @ CIG Financial LLC

"Surround yourself with people you will learn from and want to learn from those around them."

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Jilbert Washten

CFO @ Attivo Networks, Inc.

"Roll up your sleeves, know your key metrics, and most importantly, work very closely with your team."

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Darren Dang

CFO @ OC Superior Courts

"Need to be agile. Use as many visual tools as possible to help cost center managers monitor and plan for expenditures. Forecast and update forecasts at least monthly. Focus on the key drivers for your business and monitor those religiously. Get well versed in technology and use it to your benefit and advantage. I'm probably one of the few CFOs who has a computer science degree from Caltech and an MA in AI/ML from MIT so I try to leverage my technical background to provide the best financial picture to help decision makers be more confident in their day to day operational decisions."

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Mike Feher

CFO @ CathWorks

"Find and cultivate great mentors."

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Aksana Maiseyeva

CFO @ Novakid

"To remember about people side of the numbers."

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Matthew Gallatin

CFO @ Stack Overflow

"Do a "value creation audit" when you join.  Understand how the company makes money, the cost needed to create that revenue, and how cash flow is generated.  Understand those and you'll understand the key levers of the business."

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Paul Kim

CFO @ Fulgent Genetics, Inc.

"Act as a strategic partner to CEO and other officers."

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Olivia Melonas

CFO @ Citizens Climate Lobby

"Make sure to build your accounting infrastructure with your future audits in mind."

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Mike Vanecek

CFO @ TMC Financing

"Build a strong, close working team, and embrace technology, your energy should be spent in analysis and sharing financial information with management and board members, making financial decisions, and running a strong team."

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Ricki Reves

CFO @ Aranda Tooling, Inc.

"Walk the plant and talk to employees.  You learn so much about the business because the numbers may tell a different story.  I've learned so much about the industry by observing what happens on the floor!"

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Rajan Sachar

CFO @ Sunrider International

"Know your business drivers."

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Omar Muakkassa

CFO @ Fellow Industries Inc.

"Make sure you understand how each number gets into your financials, from the very nitty gritty technical integrations, journal entries, or manual keying. That's what the whole foundation is built on!"

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Jaya Jaware

CFO @ CommerceIQ

"Balance, people , product and profit to increase the shareholder value."

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Selerin Ntahitagabira


"Be persistent at data analysis and forecast in order to obtain valuable information to use for decision making."

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Waifa Chau

CFO @ Nylas

"Build relationships with cross-functional partners/leaders to learn and understand their part and how they impact the company."

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Nipun Soni


"Expect the unexpected! Things more often than not do not go according to the plan and budgets, so be prepared to help guide the business in those situations. Plan for different scenarios and have the ability to guide the business when things digress from the plan. Organizations look to the CFO's to help guide in challenging situations and thinking ahead of those scenarios will help you earn respect and credibility from various stakeholders."

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Paul Janicki

CFO @ Sierra Nevada Brewing Co.

"Understand the operational aspects of your company to combine with financial acumen along with information technology to provide strategic insights and guidance."

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Navneet Govil

CFO @ SoftBank Investment Advisers

"Focus on automation."

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Jackie Chen

CFO @ High Tech High Schools

"A leader is best when people barely know he exists, when his work is done, his aim fulfilled, they will say: we did this ourselves." by LAO TSE

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