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A Complete Review of FP&A Software Datarails

Who is Datarails meant for?

Datarails is meant for all types of small and medium sized businesses (SMBs). Datarails’ FP&A software is known to scale with your business and provide flexibility and familiarity due to its native Excel functionality.

Based on our research of customer reviews Datarails is best suited for SMBs that primarily use Excel. Datarails improves many aspects of the finance function including consolidation, reporting, and dashboards. Let’s break down some of the customer feedback from different software review sites.

Datarails Reviews

Here is an overview of the reviews from a few of the most popular software review sites.

G2 - 4.7 stars overall

5 Stars

60 Reviews

4 Stars

12 Reviews

Capterra - 4.8 stars overall

Datarails Pros

1) Staying in Excel - Datarails’ completely native Excel platform allows finance teams to stay in the most popular and comfortable spreadsheet tool without having to learn a new software. This allows companies to integrate Datarails extremely quickly (customers report a 2 week implementation time) and stay in the familiarity of Excel while adding on all of the benefits of FP&A software.

2) Implementation time - Datarails has one of the shortest implementation times in the industry (only 2 weeks) and many customers report that the onboarding process is smooth with a dedicated customer support manager helping them get the most out of the software.

3) Exceptional customer support - Many customer reviews say that Datarails’ customer support is one of their favorite things about the software. This includes both the dedicated customer success manager during implementation and onboarding, as well as the customer success manager that stays with them after implementation is completed.

4) Visualization and dashboards - Another big differentiator between Datarails and other FP&A software according to users is the visualizations and dashboards. These are very important for communication within the company and reporting to management and stakeholders. One user reported that “the dashboards have become an important part of all our processes because they're very intuitive and connect directly to Excel and other various data sources.”

Datarails Cons

1) Advanced features have a learning curve - Some users have mentioned that some of Datarails’ advanced features can “take a little time to master”.

2) Minor bugs in the app - Another downside that users have reported is minor bugs in the system that can create some slowdowns.

Datarails Pricing

Datarails does not provide pricing on their website. Contact them for an individual price quote which will be based on the number of users, functions needed, and the amount of integrations.


Datarails is one of the most popular FP&A software, especially in the field of SMBs. Based on our research from software review sites, we found that customers particularly enjoy 4 things about Datarails:

  • Native Excel

  • Quick implementation time

  • Exceptional customer support

  • Visualization and dashboards

In addition, newer Datarails customers are expressing excitement and interest in the new AI chatbot that gives finance teams answers quickly and accurately.

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