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Best AI Finance News Sites

Best AI Finance News Sites

Artificial intelligence (AI) is quickly progressing and becoming a bigger part of our everyday lives. Professionals, researchers, and enthusiasts must keep informed about the latest AI news, especially in finance.

Luckily, many websites offer in-depth coverage of the newest AI trends. In this article, we'll check out some of the best AI finance news sites to stay informed.

Top 5 Best AI Finance News Sites

AI Finance Today

AI Finance Today is the go-to place for news about how AI is changing the CFO's responsibilities and functions.

The website is a hub for information on AI in finance. It shares news and best practices, covering topics like AI technology advancements, its impact on financial tasks, and its use in areas like fraud detection, customer service, and investment management.

The site provides information about how AI is changing the finance industry. For example, tech giants such as Microsoft invested $13 billion in Open AI and its ChatGPT AI communication toolset.

It helps you stay informed about the newest trends and strategies in this field. You'll find real examples of companies using AI in finance, along with studies on how startups are embracing AI for automation.

Analytics Insight

Analytics Insight is a leading tech publication that covers significant developments in big data projects, tech trends, and accomplishments of AI, Big Data, and Analytics companies worldwide.

The website offers daily news on big data, along with analyses, opinions, and research reports on topics such as robotics, AI, machine learning, cybersecurity, Digital Transformation, and more.

It provides information on enhancing research data collection using AI tools. This boosts the features of survey platforms, making them more dynamic, insightful, and easy to use.

The magazine also covers cybersecurity, featuring stories about how AI changed the cyber threat landscape in 2023.

Financial Times (AI Section)

The Financial Times features a dedicated section on AI, covering its latest developments, applications, and influence on different industries. The section provides insights into how AI is transforming businesses, economies, and societies globally. For instance, it discusses the European Union's restrictions on this emerging technology, exploring how these rules might affect EU tech companies in comparison to their US and Asian counterparts.

AI Business

AI Business is a platform that shares the latest news and insights about artificial intelligence (AI). It covers a range of AI topics, including deep learning, neural networks, predictive analytics, natural language processing (NLP), data science, automation, and AI ethics.

This site showcases news and events from leading AI companies such as Google, Nvidia, AWS, Microsoft, and IBM, focusing on the challenges in implementing AI for businesses as discussed in the recent AI summit.

It also offers articles, podcasts, webinars, eBooks, videos, and events related to AI in various industries like technology, healthcare, finance, energy, and manufacturing.

AI Magazine (AI Industry News)

The website of AI Magazine is all about how AI is used in different industries. It shares news, interviews, videos, and magazines on AI, machine learning, augmented reality (AR), virtual reality (VR), data analytics, and technology.

You'll find AI-related topics in finance, government, infrastructure, marketing, open-source AI, and responsible AI use. According to this site, 60% of businesses use GenAI in marketing based on the report from the Capgemini Research Institute in its 2023 survey. In addition, almost 47% of these companies have already allocated budgets and teams for implementing GenAI into marketing in the next six months.

It also shares info on upcoming AI events, webinars, and summits to connect with executives, thought leaders, and innovators in the AI industry.


The rapid advancement of AI is significantly impacting various sectors, with finance being a focal point of transformation. Staying informed about the latest AI developments in finance is crucial for professionals and enthusiasts alike, and fortunately, there are several reputable sources to rely on. These platforms provide valuable insights into real-world applications while ensuring that individuals remain abreast of the dynamic landscape of AI in the finance industry.

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