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T-Mobile CEO Stepping Down

Mike Sievert, current T-Mobile COO, will replace him.

T-Mobile, the third-largest carrier in the US, will see a big change come May 1st 2020. John Legere, who oversaw the turnaround of the company since he joined in 2012, will be exiting the company and making way for Mike Sievert, current COO, to take his place.

"I’m not going anywhere soon. This is all part of a multi-year plan and until April 30, I’ll continue as CEO, focusing on a smooth transition and getting our merger with Sprint done for America." (John Lefevre, Twitter)

Change is the Name of the Game

This will be the second major shift for the company in recent times, as the carrier is merging with Sprint. Legere will not leave the organization entirely as he will remain on the Board.

Sievert, the incoming CEO, joined the organization in 2012 as Chief of Marketing and was promoted to COO in 2015. He played a role in planning the merger with Sprint.

No bad blood in sight

Legere seems to approve of his successor. On his official Twitter he stated:

“I’m telling you, @SievertMike is absolutely the right choice to be the next CEO of @TMobile. I know he’ll take what we’ve done for the past 7 years and supercharge it!”

(Courtesy of John Legere’s Twitter)

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