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The 20 Most Promising CFOs in TX

Get a look at some exclusive quotes these CFOs had to say about giving advice to new Chief Financial Officers. 

Congratulations to all the participants & winners!

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Michelle Garrison

CFO @ GetixHealth

"Invest in building a good team."

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Janie M Kohl

CFO @ Rural Capital Area WDB

In a lean non-profit, it's ok to rely on a team of consultants temporarily when working to improve outdated processes while you keep operations going and deal with regulatory entities.  The Accounting team can't overwork themselves indefinitely and perform well in all areas of responsibility. It's not fair to you, your team, your board, or your partners.  Asking for help and acknowledging you aren't superwoman is a strength, not a weakness."

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Barbara Daniels

CFO @ Notley

"Always stay teachable.  No matter how many years you may have worked in your industry, there is always more to learn.  In our fast-paced, dynamic environment, we are constantly evolving.  One of my favorite things to hear from business partners is "wow that's a great idea, why isn't anyone doing that?"! We must continue to iterate ways to be better strategic business partners."

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Prawal Goyal

CFO @ TechTrans

"Financial acumen and foresightedness are the key. As a CFO, have been able to increase revenue drastically; improved the cost structure; added automation; instrumental in winning big contracts for the company- so my advice would be to have the vision to understand what is going on in the market and how effective changes can be brought in  to your work, that is in alignment with the business world."

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Mark Mueller

CFO @ SOS International Ministries

"Be flexible in methodology, firm in values"

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James Dworkin

CFO @ International Leadership
of Texas

"Remember your customers - design financial systems to enable company operations. Design financial reporting to provide financial statement users meaningful input. Start with the basics."

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Rebecca Buell

CFO @ National Breast
Cancer Foundation

"Your role not only includes the financial stewardship of the organization but in reality the operational and strategic aspects as well. Work to understand the whole of the business and the needs of each department, and you will find your path to success."

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Michael Kountze

CFO @ Eloqua

"Collaborate with your CEO and Board on financial matters that could materially affect your company. Delegate to your staff responsibilities that will afford them the opportunity to learn and feel empowered.  And finally, regulate the practices within your department to adhere to sound financial and accounting principles."

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Kristie Ondracek

CFO @ TXCPA Houston Foundation

"Keep in mind no one knows everything and keep learning."

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Chermaine Hu

CFO @ Episode Six Inc.

"Build a strong team by hiring people you truly care about and are invested in; support and promote ownership and responsibility no matter how junior or senior the team member is."

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Tamara Scoggins

CFO @ Intrepid Directional Drilling Specialists Ltd

"Work hard and surround yourself with the right team."

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Steven Nutt

CFO @ Community National Bank and Trust of Texas

"The CFO job is more than numbers, it's being able to communicate the story of the numbers clearly across all different stakeholders of the company.  To set expectations and drive the culture to higher performance is wrapped up in the communication."

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Thor Neil Knutson


"Don't be afraid to reach out for advice and guidance, collaboration is the key to success."

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Bill Blankemeier

CFO @ High Brew Coffee

"The CFO job is more than numbers, it's being able to communicate the story of the numbers clearly across all different stakeholders of the company.  To set expectations and drive the culture to higher performance is wrapped up in the communication."

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David L White

CFO @ CarOffer

"Learn the in's and out's of your business. Become an expert in the operational aspects of your business."

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Brenda S Hargett


Relationships are key to inclusion and information. Well-developed relationships result in a CFO being involved in the front end of many projects, providing the opportunity to optimize how activities are structured to benefit the organization and keep the organization in compliance."

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Lawrence Fischer

CFO @ Brighton Center

"Don't take "no" for an answer.
Learn to say no!"

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Jefferson Macks


"Don't just be a numbers spreadsheet CFO! Use the data visualization of those numbers to become a CFO that creates value and is a trusted business partner."

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Christina Harmel


"The piece of advice I'd give to any new CFO is to be open to learning and be open to input from every person you work with and work for!"

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Kerri A Shaddock

CFO @ Pinnacle Development Corp

"The Accountants Code of Conduct is a great reference for how to be conduct yourself as a CFO and where you can find guidance when difficult decisions needs to be made. However, integrity and impartiality is always of most importance in all decisions that have to be made daily."

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Flaurent Fotso

CFO @ SignatureCare Emergency Center

"Build relationships with cross-functional partners/leaders to learn and understand their part and how they impact the company."

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Kathi White

CFO @ MedCore Partners, LLC

"Surround yourself with the best people you can find."

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