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3 FP&A solutions that won big in the 2022 Comparably awards

Three FP&A solution companies scored big in this year’s company awards given out by job hunting website Comparably. Datarails, Vena, and Workday, leaders in the large and competitive field of FP&A software, all won multiple awards in the employee salary, benefits, and leadership categories.

Comparably’s awards differ from other company award systems in that there is no entry fee, PR, or self-nomination. It is based solely on those who know the company best – the employees themselves.

Comparably determines the rankings of each category solely on employee feedback. The company website explains how they determine the winners:

“There are 50+ structured and comprehensive workplace questions in nearly 20 core culture categories (in Yes/No, True/False, 1-10 scale, and multiple choice formats). Comparably applies a proprietary algorithm to each award. The answer to each question is given a numerical score and then compared to companies of similar size.”

The yearly Comparably awards are seen as some of the most valuable employee feedback available.

Let’s take a look at all of the different categories that the 3 FP&A solutions ranked for.

It’s important to note that there are two separate categories, large companies (over 500 employees) and small/ mid size companies (500 employees or less). Datarails falls in the small/ mid size section and Vena and Workday fall in the large company section.

1) Happiest employees

Comparably CEO Jason Nazar summed up their findings about what makes the happiest employees in a company:

“Our data shows that the happiest employees are often those who feel valued by their employers through a variety of factors like competitive compensation, clear goals, work-life balance, and a general excitement working for their organizations. “The top-rated companies on our annual list succeed at meeting the needs of their workers across these very important factors.”
  • Datarails came in at number 45 out of 100 in this category.

  • Vena came in at number 75 out of 100 in this category.

2) Best Compensation

Nazar talked about the importance of compensation and feeling that you are compensated fairly for your efforts:

“Being paid fairly has always been an important factor, but in order to recruit and retain top talent today companies need to provide competitive compensation across the board. The top-rated companies on this year’s list have raised the bar by expanding salary bands, perks, and benefits to meet new expectations from workers.”
  • Datarails came in at number 7 out of 100 companies

  • Vena came in at number 63 out of 100 companies.

3) Best Work- Life balance

“With the rise of ‘quiet quitting’ due to post-pandemic burnout, more companies are permanently adopting a remote/hybrid work model or expanding their time off policies. This year’s list of Best Companies for Work-Life Balance are known for cultivating workplaces that prioritize their employees’ mental health and flexibility, ultimately creating a more engaged and productive workforce.”
  • Vena ranked #54

  • Workday ranked #57

4) Best perks and benefits

While salary is a factor to consider when determining where to work, perks and benefits continue to be an important aspect to employee satisfaction in the workplace. The top-rated companies on our Best Perks & Benefits list this year are commended by their employees for caring about the full spectrum of workers’ lives, such as providing a work-from-home office stipend, fully paid benefits, or flexible time off.”
  • Datarails ranked #17

  • Workday ranked #47

  • Vena ranked #49

5) Best CEOs for diversity

“Listening to and promoting the voices of all diverse employees is critical. This year’s list of CEOs implement equity and inclusion at the forefront of how they lead, according to feedback directly from their employees of color.”
  • Datarails- Didi Gurfinkel, CEO- came in at #19.

  • Vena- Hunter Madeley, CEO- came in at #81.

6) Best leadership teams

  • Datarails- Didi Gurfinkel, CEO- came in at #37

7) Best CEOs for women

“The chief executives on this year’s list have fostered company cultures that embrace diversity and inclusion, as shown by the feedback from their female employees,” said Comparably CEO Jason Nazar. “The consensus is that these top-rated CEOs lead with empathy and emotional intelligence.”
  • Datarails- Didi Gurfinkel, CEO- came in at #70

  • Vena- Hunter Madeley, CEO- came in at #86

Summary of the 3 FP&A solutions


Datarails is the financial planning and analysis platform that automates data consolidation, reporting and planning, while enabling finance teams to continue using their own Excel spreadsheets and financial models. Datarails is also The Finance Weekly’s #1 FP&A software for 2022.

Datarails is hiring for many FP&A positions, including Customer Success Managers


Vena is an easy-to-use budgeting software designed to help medium to large-sized businesses budget, plan, and forecast their finances. This easy to use finance tool can create accurate reports and forecasting models from your finance databases in real-time.

Vena is hiring for many FP&A positions, especially Consultant positions across Canada.


Workday Adaptive Planning provides the planning platform that large, enterprise companies need to easily adapt to changing business conditions, and enable an active planning process that incorporates everyone in the organization.

Workday is hiring for many positions

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