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Top 10 Finance Technologies offering discounted services during COVID-19

As the pandemic Coronavirus (COVID-19) disrupts most aspects of daily life, a number of fintechs are stepping up in order to assist other companies.

Veeam: Global leader in backup

Veeam provides a single platform for cloud, the virtual and physical. It offers backup and intelligent recovery, DR orchestration, cloud mobility and copy data management. It is currently offering a free backup solution: Veeam Backup & Replication Community Edition, which will allow users to backup and restore VMware and Hyper-V virtual machines with Veeam Backup & Replication Community Edition.

Digital Onboarding: Turn account holders into profitable relationships

Digital Onboarding is currently offering clients free unlimited usage in order to help support their customers in learning how to access money and operate its digital services without visiting a brick and mortar branch.

Datarails: Financial analytics, real results

Datarails is on a mission to fundamentally change how analytics are used within the finance function. The financial analytics platform empowers finance professionals to quickly and easily prepare & analyze cross-organizational data on their own so they can uncover valuable, actionable insights.

DataRails is offering a free one-month trial, after which the platform is offered on a monthly basis with no commitment. With thorough analysis capabilities including ad hoc reporting, what-if scenarios, drill downs, and variance analyses, conduct rigorous investigations into your data to explore how different scenarios might affect your business in the short, medium and long term.

Polaris Portfolios: Online wealth advisor

Wealthtech firm Polaris Portfolios partners with community banks and credit unions to offer the latest technology in wealth management. This includes digital on-boarding, robo-advisory and remote advisors. Much like the other fintechs featured, it is currently offering an accelerated deployment of its products to banks and credit unions.

Hydrogen: Custom built APIs

Hydrogen specialises in digitally transforming financial institutions with fintech products such as PFM, virtual cards, and emergency savings apps. As there are over two billion banking customers across the world who are going underserved, it is particularly important that banks harness this sort of technology during the outbreak of the virus. Hydrogen’s service is free up until production when it becomes available as a pay per use service. This will allow companies access to speed to market products.

Autobooks: Simple banking that works

Autobooks offers an integrated suite to small businesses that can be easily integrated with existing digital banking channels. It helps small businesses get paid from a distance, which is particularly valuable during this period of social distancing. It is currently working with one of its online banking vendors in order to pre-enable its app to launch in weeks as opposed to its usual timespan of a few months. It’s team is also offering 24/7 SME business onboarding during this time.

Horizn: Accelerate digital adoption

Horizn is a key tool for financial institutions to support the culture change that results from digital transformation; offering employees and customers the chance to better understand how to bank digitally. It is currently offering a discounted short-term license package for its cloud-based Customer Digital Platform and Digital Demos. In addition to this, it will accelerate deployment to ensure that banks can function with this service in under two weeks, offering Digital Demos of key online and mobile journeys to continue to offer the support of becoming savvier with digital banking.

Vestwell: The future of advising

Joining the list of fintech startups is Vestwell, which specialises in retirement, harnessing technology to assist advisors, employers and employees in scaling a business and delivering excellent customer experience. It has put together a new list of options for clients to explore in light of the virus, including the deferral of fee billing, freezing 401K plan matches as well as 6-month free signup for companies.

OnSystem Logic: Enterprise's best defense

OnSystem Logic is a financial technology startup that specialises in cybersecurity for companies. It is currently offering free copies of its OnSystem Defender software, which protects infrastructure from dynamic memory attacks to any corporations that may need it. This service is free food for three months, or until the virus is contained.

Arnexa: Secure messaging for protected data

As more companies move into remote working, there is an increase in cybersecurity risks and the need for data protection. Arnexa is offering a secure messaging service designed to eliminate phishing attacks by filtering messages so that the user only receives messages from legitimate senders. At the moment the fintech is offering to accelerate deployments to institutions that need it most during this time.

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