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Pigment Software Reviews

An enterprise-grade business planning platform, Pigment was designed to assist businesses in budgeting, forecasting, modeling data, and generating reports to support financial decision-making.

Top enterprise companies such as Klarna, Figma, Airtable, PVH, and Webhelp rely on Pigment to help them make confident, informed decisions. This software aims to enable FP&A and revenue teams to improve collaboration and align financial and operational plans, all while scaling reporting and data management.

Its comprehensive features and user-friendly design make it a popular choice among executives, finance, and revenue teams to execute strategic finance operations efficiently.

In this review article, we'll explore Pigment reviews, its strengths and weaknesses from the perspective of users, and give you a glimpse into what you can expect if you decide to implement it in your organization.

Key Features of Pigment

Pigment AI

Pigment AI introduces new capabilities to the Pigment platform, enhancing business teams' ability to make faster and more informed decisions. Noteworthy features of Pigment AI include data querying, pattern identification, smart insights, automated analysis and reporting, assisted modeling, and scenario building. Users can interact using natural language in a chat-like interface, enabling quicker and more intuitive access to answers.

Pigment AI integrates AI into Pigment’s existing cloud-based business forecasting platform, which supports real-time business strategy. This innovation aims to assist leaders in finance, sales, and human resources by speeding up and simplifying access to various data sources for analysis, modeling, and reporting.

It has observed increased interest in the AI-powered planning tool, particularly among finance leaders. However, access to Pigment AI is currently regulated through a waitlist, and interested users must register on their website to be placed on it. 

Here are other key features of Pigment that you'll definitely want to check out!

  • Automated Data Imports – Accurately collect data from multiple sources in real time, eliminating time-consuming tasks and reducing data import errors.

  • Granular Access Rights – Define and control what individuals or groups of users can access, view, or modify on any board, metric, dimension, or cell.

  • Sync Data – Effortlessly consolidate and aggregate vast amounts of data in real time from all your sources.

  • Model – Quickly build dynamic models that can adapt and evolve as your company grows, accomplishing this within hours.

  • Real-Time Reporting – Gather inputs from all sources, derive insights from your data, and link business cases across your organization instantaneously.

  • Run What-If Scenarios – Prepare for contingencies and understand the impact of events and decisions within minutes by running various what-if scenarios.

  • Collaborate – Work seamlessly as a unified team with features for overwriting, tagging, and commenting in real-time collaboration.

  • G-Suite Connector – Easily transfer data from your models directly into your presentations and documents.

  • Scenario Planning – Run various what-if scenarios and base your decisions on the results to ensure informed planning.

  • Custom Dashboards – Design and share personalized dashboards both within and outside your organization.


  • NetSuite ERP

  • Xero

  • QuickBooks Online Advanced

  • Sage Intacct


  • Microsoft Dynamics 365

  • Salesforce Sales Cloud

  • Workday Human Capital Management

  • BambooHR

Pros and Cons Based on Customer Reviews of Pigment


Gaining a 4.6 out of 5 stars review in G2, users highlighted that Pigment has revolutionized the planning process for multiple subsidiaries and departments by moving it out of spreadsheets.

There's no longer a need to extract and compile data from various sources, as their finance team now benefits from a consolidated view of approvals required for operating expenditures and headcount inputs from budget owners. Auditing changes is simplified with a log of historical modifications, and the granular business detail obtained is significantly enhanced.

Before adopting Pigment, one user had to build ad-hoc analyses and models to assess business performance by region, product, etc. With Pigment, they can now evaluate various aspects of the business with minimal effort. Additionally, the clients’ finance team enjoys a consolidated source of truth for all operational expenditures and headcount-related approvals within the business, with live feedback loops to managers on the progress of their requests.

The teams at Pigment have consistently demonstrated attentiveness to the user's needs and requests, earning their gratitude for the support provided.

According to Trustradius reviews, the setting up and scheduling integrations with other systems is straightforward, and the expert implementation team ensures adherence to timelines and provides responsive support. The ability to drill into formulas and examine metrics is a particularly beneficial feature.


As Pigment is a relatively new solution in the market, there are a few main cons that users point out:

  1. Complex onboarding and complicated system.

Despite Pigment's thorough onboarding experience, which is guided by an expert team, some end users face challenges when trying to master the extensive range of features available. This is particularly true for individuals who have long been accustomed to simpler tools like Excel.

2. Limited reporting tools.

Additionally, the available out-of-the-box apps and reporting tools are somewhat limited. Many users express a desire for more references and best practices to better understand how to structure blocks and formulas, given the steep learning curve. Furthermore, setting up application access rights is often reported to be a complex process.

Pigment Pricing

Pigment hasn't published its rates on its website, but here are the plans you can tailor to suit your company's needs:

Professional – For companies looking to increase decision-making confidence with advanced scenario planning, robust collaboration, and customized reporting.

  • Data ingestion, including API and scheduled imports

  • Core model building

  • Interactive dashboards

  • Unlimited what-if scenarios

  • Automated user provisioning (SCIM)

  • Google Authentication (SSO)

  • SAML-based SSO

  • Automation & Tasks

  • Organizational planning

  • Custom color palette

  • Monthly snapshots

  • 12-month audit trail

  • Six data connectors

Enterprise – For companies with the most sophisticated use cases seeking the deepest modeling capabilities, best-in-class support, and advanced controls.

  • All the features and support from Professional, in addition to:

  • Premium Support

  • Unlimited data connectors

  • Unlimited snapshots

  • Unlimited audit trail

  • Workflows

  • Sandbox

Final Thoughts

Pigment provides a powerful and versatile business planning platform that caters to a wide array of financial and operational needs. Its robust features allow companies to streamline their planning processes and enhance cross-functional collaboration.

However, while it offers significant advantages, such as advanced scenario planning and real-time reporting, it also presents a learning curve for users transitioning from simpler tools. Overall, Pigment stands out as a comprehensive solution for large and enterprise businesses aiming to elevate their strategic finance operations with precision and efficiency.

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